To Stash or Not to Stash: Do I Have to Disclose Everything I own in a Divorce Proceeding?

People who come to my office seeking assistance with a divorce often ask one of two questions (sometimes both): “Do I have to tell my spouse about everything I own or owe?” “What happens if my spouse is hiding an asset?” These are important issues that need to be addressed, since the process of dividing […]

Are You One of Three Americans Delinquent on Debt?

Recently, there was a flurry of headlines noting a disturbing trend in the U.S.—more than 30 percent of Americans have debt in collections, according to a study released by the Urban Institute. “Debt in collections” refers to money that’s owed well past an account’s due date (usually 180 days) and which has been turned over […]

Do You Lose Everything If You Declare Bankruptcy?

Frequently I get questions from clients considering bankruptcy, who ask, “Can I keep my car? What about my house?” They have the impression that by filing for bankruptcy, they are guaranteed to lose everything they have. This is not true. Federal and state laws exist to protect certain assets and properties from creditors. Whatever type […]

Considerations When Funding a Trust with Your Real Estate Holdings

Generally speaking, people own two kinds of real estate – a primary residence and/or investment property (residential rental, commercial real estate, etc.). So when the time comes to design an estate plan, the natural question is: Should I put my house or investment property in my living trust? There are several factors to consider before […]

Develop a Game Plan for Separation or Divorce

If you and your spouse face impending separation or divorce, there are important legal and emotional factors to consider. Whether you intend to hire a lawyer to represent you in Family Court or you wish to represent yourself, here are several things to keep in mind: Put a game plan together. The legal process of […]

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