(Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney)

While contemplating your death or being inflicted with an incapacitating illness can be rather unsettling to most people, obtaining a proper estate plan, including obtaining your will, trust, Advance Health Care Directive and necessary powers of attorney, will allow you to rest assured that your family and friends will be able to carry out your wishes with minimal hassle and hardship. We will assist you in setting your legal affairs in order.

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Do I Need an Estate Plan?

A proper estate plan helps ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries in the most efficient and least costly manner available. Hospitals and other institutions (banks, nursing homes, etc.) require powers of attorney to make decisions for an incapacitated person and act on that person’s behalf.

If you’re like most people, you hear about estate plans, know that you probably need one, but haven’t gotten around to looking into your options. The most common excuses include:

“I don’t have enough property to warrant an estate plan.”

“My family knows what I want done with my property when I die, so I don’t need an estate plan.”

“Thinking about my death is just creepy.”

These reasons, and many others, get in the way of investigating one’s need for an estate plan, and can cause much misery to a person’s family and friends when someone dies (or just becomes incapacitated) without a proper estate plan.

Probate of your estate is an extremely time-consuming and expensive process, taking many months and thousands of dollars in attorney fees, costs and other administration fees.


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